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November 13 , 2020

Email Notifications

Starting in November, SCU will start sending monthly email notifications advising online banking members that their account statements have been posted and are ready to view.

Debit cards at Verifone POS terminals

Please be advised that some members may have their credit or debit card declined when making purchases at some point of sale terminals. This issue is affecting multiple financial institutions, and is a result of an issue with the merchant's point of sale terminal, not the debit card itself. If you experience an issue with your card, you can:
* Pay through contactless transaction, splitting your transaction in two if necessary
* Enable Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay on your mobile phone.

Learn more about this issue on the Interac website.

Personal Lines of Credit

Get the right amount of money at the right time with a pre-approved credit limit. You’ll always have enough to cover expenses and only pay interest on the funds you use.

Personal Line of Credit

Meet your present and future borrowing needs with a revolving access to funds. Pay interest only on what you use.


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Net Worth Equity Link Line

Leverage the equity in your existing assets to cover the cost of a renovation or improvement project.


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StudentFLEX™ Line of Credit

Designed for full-time students pursuing post-secondary education in an accredited Canadian university or college.

Rates Vary

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Real Estate Equity Link Line

Leverage equity from your home or a property you own, use what you need and pay interest only on what you borrow.


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Registered Investment Link Line

Catch up or top up your investments with access to credit you can use now and in the future.


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Overdraft Link Line

A safety net designed to protect you from NSF charges due to unplanned overages or emergency expenses.


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Secured vs. Unsecured


When taking out a line of credit, you have the option of a secured or unsecured line of credit.

Features Included with all our Lines of Credit