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SCU Insurance

Flexible. Affordable. Comprehensive.
SCU Insurance provides coverage for your needs at every stage of life.

Insurance for a lifetime of needs

When you think about your financial goals and plans for the future, protecting those you care about is equally important. That’s where SCU Insurance comes in. We’re passionate about ensuring that life’s unexpected events do not prevent you from reaching your goals and that you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your family are protected.  

Benefits of SCU Insurance

Provide stability during a time of uncertainty

Protect loved ones from undue stress and anxiety when the unexpected happens. 

Maintain cash flow

Insurance can cover immediate needs and help replace lost income

Cover the costs of your financial obligations

This can include credit cards, mortgages, loans, and more

Mitigate your tax burden

Some insurance policies can provide a tax-advantaged investment or estate planning solutions 

Personal insurance solutions

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent insurance provides a lifetime of coverage with guarantees

Provides protection for an entire lifetime and offers the security of guaranteed level premiums. Some policies are designed to build cash values and increase their death benefit over time.
Can be used to: 
  • Pay for final expenses and income taxes
  • Preserve an estate for your loved ones
  • Create an inheritance 
  • Complete charitable donation strategies
  • Provide tax efficient wealth transfer strategies

Term Life Insurance

Term insurance is ideal for those with debts, personal, or business obligations

Provides protection for a temporary time frame for those with debts or personal and business obligations over the short-term
Can be used to:
  • Provide debt protection to pay mortgage, loans, and lines of credit
  • Provide income support for spouse and family 
  • Ensure education for children is funded
  • Protect business owners involved in a private corporation or partnership


Critical Illness Insurance

Add critical illness protection to your insurance plan to help see you through the unexpected

Focus on what’s important—your recovery. Live without financial worry with critical illness insurance. Provides a lump-sum payment that can help maintain your financial stability.
Can be used to:
  • Provide income support 
  • Repay debt 
  • Cover expenses, such as medical, travel, and medications not covered by your health plan
  • Seek out-of-province/country treatment or a second opinion

Disability Insurance

Protection for your family from a loss of income should you become ill or injured

Protects your single biggest asset — your earning power — A monthly benefit that protects you and your family from the loss of income resulting from an unexpected injury or illness. 
Can be used to:
  • Replace income and help you cover living expenses
  • Continue to service debt
  • Help maintain your standard of living

Extended Health and Dental Benefits Insurance

Reimburses medical expenses not covered by provincial healthcare plans

A choice of health benefit plans to improve protection for plan members and their families
Can be used to pay for:
  • Prescription Drug coverage for generic and brand-name drugs 
  • Dental Care coverage for routine dental and some major dental and orthodontic work
  • Registered Therapist coverage for Chiropractoric, Massage, Physical and Psychological therapy, and more
  • Vision Care coverage for exams, laser eye surgery, glasses, and contacts

Life and Term Payout Annuities

Annuities purchased through a life insurance company can provide guaranteed income

Annuities purchased through a life insurance company can provide guaranteed income for life or for a certain period of time
Can be used to:
  • Create peace of mind by transferring the risk of outliving your resources to the insurance company 
  • Cover essential retirement expenses that may not be covered by government pensions or old age security
  • Keep pace with inflation with indexed annuity payments
  • Transfer all the risk faced during a down market to the insurance company
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About SCU Insurance

A partner in your corner

Your SCU Insurance Specialist offers sound advice and insurance planning to meet your needs, whether personal or business, including:

  • Personal insurance needs analysis
  • Estate consultation
  • Business succession planning
  • Wealth transfer strategies

Together, you can complete a needs analysis to uncover your unique need, including insurance that:

  • Provides for those you care about
  • Covers the cost of end of life / funeral expenses
  • Can help mitigate taxes, and preserve or enhance your estate
  • Protects you as a business owner

SCU Insurance provides comprehensive personal insurance offerings from Canada's leading insurance providers. 

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SCU Insurance is a program provided by Aviso Insurance Inc. offering financial planning, life insurance and investments to members of credit unions and their communities. Trade-mark(s) of SCU Insurance are used under licence by Aviso Insurance Inc. 

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