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Financial Tools and Calculators

Calculate how much you need to save to retire comfortably, estimate your monthly mortgage payments with different interest rates and amortizations and more with our free financial tools and calculators.

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Plan your household budget, balance your chequebook, compare savings rates, calculate the cost of your debt and how to pay it down quickly.
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Saving & Investing

Calculate RRSP, RESP, and investment earnings or see how much you can earn with different types of investments.
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Retirement Planning

Determine your current net worth and see how much you have to save today, to retire with a million dollars.
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Calculate what your monthly mortgages payments will be with different interest rates or find out how to pay off your debt quicker.
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Figure out payment amounts for loans at a different interest rate or see what consolidating your debt might look like.
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Business & Agriculture

Calculate business loan expenses, find out how to pay debt off quickly, and see what your business can earn with investments.
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