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Desktop cheque scanners

Why travel when you can securely deposit cheques in real time from the convenience of your desk? 

Save time and money

SCU Business members now have a secure, easy-to-use option for scanning multiple cheques that saves time and money.

No need to visit a branch to deposit batch cheques when you have a desktop scanner that quickly and immediately posts your funds in your account, and since we never charge for deposits — you’ll always save and spend wisely. 

With various models to select from, there’s a fit for every business demand. Pay a one-time set up charge along with a monthly fee and select from a list of your accounts to deposit funds instantly.


  • Easy to use
  • Safe and secure
  • Fast and efficient
  • No fees to deposit  


  • Quick and accurate record of multiple cheques
  • Real time deposits that appear in your account immediately following a successful transmission
  • Easily deposit cheques drawn on CAD or USD accounts into any account of the same currency
  • Efficient deposit of funds into any of your selected accounts
  • Detection of scanning duplication to ensure cheques aren’t deposited twice*

*Valid on cheques that have been scanned within the past 180 days.


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