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Sponsorship Inquiries

As part of a cooperative ecosystem, we are committed to growing strong communities and serving the needs of Manitobans. One of the ways we achieve this goal is through our sponsorships of organizations and events that bring the community together, provide opportunities for learning and growth, and help those in need.

We welcome your requests for sponsorship. If you have an event you wish to be considered, please review our guidelines to ensure your event meets our criteria. Then, submit your request using the form below.

Our sponsorship guidelines

We receive many requests: 
We can only consider applications if they have been submitted a minimum of 60 days prior to your event or activity. 

We support our local communities:
Please submit an application only if your organization supports our local community, and the event takes place within the proximity of SCU’s branches in Winnipeg and Steinbach.

We want to support as many organizations as possible:
As such, we can only consider one request per organization or individual per 12-month period.

We do not fund any of the following:

  1. Activities, groups or events outside of our branch areas in Winnipeg and Steinbach
  2. Administrative expenses or expenses such as a conference or travel
  3. Projects where the primary purpose is to support agendas that are religious, legislative, or political in nature
  4. Events or activities that include gambling or games of chance
  5. Individual causes, school field trips, clubs, socials, team or sport activities, including travel and registration costs
  6. The above criteria are provided as a guideline. All community sponsorship applications are evaluated on an individual basis. Submitting an application that meets our criteria does not guarantee your sponsorship.

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