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Many businesses advertise in annual directories as part of marketing their services to users along with industry peers.

Means of contact

  • Phone
Description of scam
Your business is contacted by a business directory supplier who implies that you've purchased a listing in the past, and they're calling for you to confirm your company contact and information. You confirm. This technique is called the "Assumed Sale." You will receive a second call "confirming" your purchase of a directory listing. Two weeks later, you receive an invoice. 

Tactics used
When you call to dispute the charge you'll be told that they have a recording of you confirming the purchase and threatening to send your file to a collections agency. If it remains unpaid, you will begin to receive aggressive collection calls and this could affect your credit rating.

What to look for
  • Confirm the caller is who they say they are by requesting their contact information
  • If they say they'll report you to the credit bureau, ask what credit bureaus they belong to, and call to confirm

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