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Grants and loans

Many small- and medium-sized businesses have access to grant and loan funding programs through both provincial and federal governments. However, there are sites that claim to be a government department assisting businesses with their financing needs. 

Methods of contact

  • Online
Description of fraud
You are looking for grants or loans for your business and come upon a site that claims to be a government department who, for a fee, will grant you "special access" to the programs, and may even imply that funding is guaranteed. But of course, it isn't, and buying into this special access is a sure way to lose money.

Tactics used
  • For a fee, the services offer financing and support for access to grant and loan funding
  • Government departments do not charge fees for services, nor can they provide "special access" to programs
What to look for
Closely examine these websites and do your research before you subscribe, send funds, or provide account and credit card information. Instead, do a search and go directly to the government website.

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