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How to activate and deactivate biometric authentication in the mobile app

Please note, this feature is only available in the mobile app.

  1. Sign in to the SCU mobile app.
  2. On the main menu, select More.
  3. Select Security settings, then Biometric authentication.
  4. Under Biometric authentication types, choose the type you wish to activate by pressing the arrow next to Not activated (different biometric options will appear, depending on your device).
  5. Press Activate Face ID or Fingerprint ID.
  6. Read the terms and conditions (you can select Know more for additional security information).
  7. Press Accept.
  8. Choose your Default authentication for signing in (you can either choose biometric authentication or to manually enter your password).

Note: Digital banking uses the biometric access that is already saved on your device. This means that if your device has biometric authentication enabled for multiple users, each user will be able to access your digital banking.

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