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How to add delegates to your business account in online banking

Please note, this feature is not available through our mobile app.

  A delegate is an individual who is able to initiate digital banking transactions on your behalf. Your delegates do not need to be members of SCU.

  1. Sign in to your business online banking account.
  2. Under Business Services, select Delegate management.
  3. Press Add delegate.
  4. Enter the Delegate username and Delegate name.
  5. Assign your delegate’s Access level. You can choose either Read-only or Initiator access (press the Access level comparison table to learn more). 
  6. Enter either your delegate’s email address or mobile number for the delegate to receive their temporary password.
        ○ We recommend you use the delegate’s mobile number so they can receive authentication codes if they need to reset their password. This can be any mobile phone number, provided the authentication code can be communicated to the delegate.
  7. Press the check box to confirm your delegate has consented to be a delegate, and press Continue.
  8. Confirm the delegate details. Select Continue if the information is correct. If not, press the Back button.
  9. For security purposes, you will receive a seven-digit authentication code.
  10.  Enter this code and press Continue.
  11. Your delegate will now be added. A temporary password will be sent to your delegate, but for security purposes you’ll also need to send the delegate the username you chose in a separate communication.

Note: Delegates are able to view all of your business accounts in business digital banking.

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