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How to download a void cheque in the mobile app

This feature is also available in online banking. See our online banking instructions for more details.​

A void cheque can be used to provide banking information for payroll, direct deposit, or preauthorized payments.

  1. Sign in to the SCU mobile app.
  2. On the bottom main menu, select Activity.
    ○ Alternatively, you can go to the same menu by selecting Accounts, then selecting the three dots beside the account you would like the void cheque for.
  3. Select Download a void cheque.
  4. Select the account you want the void cheque for.
  5. Press Export at the bottom of the page to download the PDF. You then have the option to:
         ○ Share the void cheque through email or text
         ○ Save the void cheque to your files
         ○ Print the void cheque

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