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How to lock and unlock a delegate's access in online banking

Please note, this feature is not available through our mobile app.

  1. Sign in to your business online banking account.
  2. Under Business Services, select Delegate management.
  3. Under Lock access, click the toggle switch next to the delegate you wish to lock access for.
  4. If there are transactions currently pending, a prompt will appear giving you the option to Cancel lock, Keep all pending transactions, or Decline all pending transactions. Select one of the options.
  5. Once you choose an option, the delegate’s access will be successfully locked.
  6. To unlock a delegate’s access, simply press the green toggle switch under Lock access next to the delegate you wish to unlock.

Note: If a delegate has entered authentication codes incorrectly three times, they will need their transaction authentication unlocked. You can do this in the Delegate management screen by pressing the unlock icon under Unlock transaction authentication.

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