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Law enforcement

No matter how the contact is made initially, the news that you're being charged with a crime is frightening and bound to knock you off guard. That's exactly what scammers are counting on, and they're betting that this fear will prompt you to respond without thinking  and open the door to fraud.

Means of contact

  • Email
  • Text
  • Letter
  • Phone call
Description of scam
You're shocked and frightened when you're contacted by someone who claims to be from your local police or a law enforcement agency, such as the RCMP, Interpol, or Europol. Immediately, you panic as you read through the list of charges against you. 

Tactics used
  • Uses police logos or official identifiers to appear legitimate. 
  • Makes charges that appear to be legitimate with details and specifics of each charge (which of course are fraudulent)
  • Requests money to drop the charges
Additional information
Keep in mind law enforcement will not:
  • Ask for private information
  • Threaten to jail, harm, or extort funds
  • Threaten arrest through email or phone

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