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Is your business growing? Consider a Grow! Loan or Line of Credit

Designed for the small business owner or start-up entrepreneur, the Grow! Loan or Grow! Line of Credit offers a quick and simplified approval process, along with easy and flexible repayment options. They make a perfect choice for business owners who need working capital, are looking to make a fixed-asset purchase, want to re-finance existing debt, or are just starting a new business.

Grow! Loan features and benefits
  • Available in amounts up to $50,000

  • Easy pre-qualification process

  • Easy repayment options

  • One-time business investment with amortization term fixed at 5 years

Grow! Line of Credit features and benefits
  • Available in amounts up to $25,000

  • Easy pre-qualification process

  • Manage borrowing costs with revolving access to credit


Do you qualify?

As a sole proprietor, a partner in a registered partnership, or the owner of an incorporated business, you qualify for a Grow! Loan or Grow! Line of Credit if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident,

  • You have no bankruptcies within the past three years,

  • You own at least 50% of the business (or the largest percentage owner with at least 25% ownership),

  • You possess a business chequing account at SCU (even if payments come from an account held at another financial institution), and

  • You meet our simplified credit granting criteria.


Take the next step

Growing your business can add a lot to your daily schedule. While you’re busy working toward your next business goal, it’s nice to know that you have easy and convenient access to the funds you need to keep you moving forward. Let us help you take the next step with our Grow! Loan or Grow! Line of Credit.

Call us at 1.800.728.6440 and book an appointment with a business account manager.

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