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Watch out for these common email scams

While cybersecurity is an ongoing and very serious issue at the best of times, COVID-19 has caused a spike in online scams. These are some common email scams you may encounter and tips to protect yourself.


Common email scams

  • Emails from a financial institution asking you to click a link to get pre-approved for a low interest-rate loan

  • An email from someone from your workplace asking you to upload personnel information or send an urgent wire transfer

  • Unsolicited emails claiming to be from credible health and government organizations giving medical advice or requesting urgent action or payment


Prevention tips

  • Be suspicious of any email that asks you to do something out of the ordinary

  • Do not open any attachment from an unknown sender, including known businesses

  • Do not provide any financial or personal information to anyone via email, regardless of how legitimate they sound

Learn more about how to protect yourself from fraud:

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