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Electronic Services Agreement

Understand the fine print

It’s easy to feel lost when reading legal jargon, but that sea of words is usually a binding agreement put in place to protect you and us, and to make you aware of your responsibilities. This is the nature of our Electronic Services Agreement (ESA). It outlines what we do and what you need to do to keep your accounts and information safe when using a computer, telephone, mobile phone, wearable technology or ATM to access your SCU accounts.

In our ESA, we refer to these electronic options as Access Terminals. When you use any of them to access your SCU accounts, you’re interacting with our Electronic Services. The agreement we make around these interactions is our ESA, a detailed contract that we both promise to follow when you use these services for your SCU accounts.

The terms of our ESA with you are comprehensive. They establish expectations for compliance with our security measures. They also address crucial matters such as how your personal information is used and protected, how fees are structured and what we’re both expected to do to authorize access, prove your identity and safeguard you from fraudulent activity. This ESA also makes clear who is responsible in the unlikely event of unauthorized transactions on your account and when you use the services of our third party providers. While the language in this agreement is a bit dry, understanding its message and contents is essential.

As this is an agreement about electronic services, our ESA will be updated as technologies evolve. We will alert you to these changes, but it’s important to understand that you agree to those changes if you use our Electronic Services after the effective change date.

If any of this fine print doesn’t make sense to you, we’re here to clarify it for you in everyday language. If you have any questions about our ESA, connect with us. We’re happy to help.

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