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August 11 , 2022

Credit card fraud alert

We have recently heard reports of scammers using Business Identification Number (BIN) attacks to target credit cardholders from multiple credit card providers. A BIN attack is when a scammer takes the first six numbers of a credit card (the BIN number), and uses automated software to automatically generate the remaining numbers. They then test these combinations to identify active credit card numbers. 

If you believe you’ve been affected by this, you can visit MyCardInfo or call 1.855.341.4643.

Here are a few ways you can stay protected:

• Regularly checking your credit card statement and reporting any suspicious transactions.

• Making sure your credit card has fraud protection. For example, both Mastercard and Visa offer Zero Liability protection and cardholders are only responsible for those purchases they have authorized.

If you’re a Collabria cardholder, you can take extra precautions by:

• Signing up for mobile fraud alerts via MyCardInfo. This will enable real-time fraud text alerts to help identify fraudulent transactions.

• Monitoring activity on your accounts in real time by signing up for SmartControls via the MyCardInfo portal.