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Creating safer passwords

In today’s digital world, we use passwords for almost everything, from online banking and shopping, to apps, medical services, and more. This makes the use of strong passwords an essential piece of the puzzle in protecting yourself from fraud. Here are some reminders on how to create better passwords:

  • Unique passwords matter. Create a unique, secure password for every site that needs one. That way if one site password is compromised, your other logins will remain secure. It may take more thought, but the extra security is worth it.
  • Don’t use the auto-save function on your browser or device for usernames and passwords. Saving your credentials may seem easier, but if your phone or computer should get into the wrong hands, entry to your account is automatic. 
  • Use a password generator and keep passwords in a safe place such as a lock box, or safe. 
SCU_Icon_Lightbulb.pngLock your phone and computer and use a PIN for your computer or biometric authentication to access your phone as an added layer of security.

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