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Interac e-Transfer® Request Money FAQs

Get answers to your frequently asked questions about Request Money. 

To whom can I send a request for money?
You can request money from anyone with an email address or mobile number who has access to digital banking at a Canadian financial institution that supports Interac e-Transfer.
Can I Request Money through a text message?
Yes, the recipient will receive a request for money from short code 100001, the same code that is used for all Interac e-Transfer text notifications. Standard text messaging charges will apply when members receive text message notifications about an Interac e-Transfer.
Are there limits for requesting money using Interac e-Transfer?
Yes, our Interac e-Transfer send and receive limits also apply to Request Money.
How long will it take for the recipient to receive a Request Money notification?
Request Money notifications are sent in near real-time.
What if the recipient's financial institution isn't listed as a supporting financial institution?
If a financial institution doesn’t support the Request Money feature, the request recipient can decline the request with a message to the requestor. Alternatively, they can send a regular Interac e-Transfer transaction to the requestor, instead of fulfilling the request for money.
I received a text/email saying my Interac e-Transfer notification didn't go through. What should I do?
Always check that you have entered the correct mobile phone number or email address when setting up the recipient and review this number when sending or requesting money. A notification may not be delivered if:
  • The phone number entered is a landline
  • The phone number entered is a non-Canadian mobile phone number
  • The recipient has blocked Interac e-Transfer notifications from being sent to their mobile phone number
  • The recipient is encountering technical issues with their mobile phone (e.g. phone is off, mobile network unavailable)
  • The mobile network operator does not support all text messages
Can I edit or cancel a money request?
Yes, you can edit or cancel a money request by logging into digital banking and selecting the Pending Transfers list. You can cancel requests that have an Edit or Cancel link.
Will I be notified once the request has been fulfilled?
Yes, once the request for money has been fulfilled and the funds deposited, you will receive a notification that the funds are available in your account.
How will I be notified if a request for money is sent to me?
Similar to receiving money through Interac e-Transfer, when someone requests money, you will receive a notification to the email address or mobile number the sender has set up for you.
Will the I receive reminder notifications for outstanding money requests?
Yes, you will receive automated reminder notifications for outstanding requests.
How long are outstanding requests valid?
Money requests are valid for 30 days from the send date. However, the expiry date can be extended by another 30 days if the member renotifies the recipient of the outstanding request before it expires.
Can I schedule money requests?
No, scheduled money requests are not available at this time.
Can I decline a request?
Yes, you can decline a request for money by selecting the Decline Request button in the notification. You can also provide a reason for declining the request, and it will be sent to the requestor.
Can I block a requestor from requesting funds from me, or opt-out of the Request Money feature?
Yes, you can opt-out of receiving requests from a particular requestor, or out of the service completely. To do so, when you decline a request for money, you can choose to block the sender making the request, or all future requests.
Can I see who I have blocked from sending requests?
If you have received or stored an email notification from Interac, you can click on the link to see who you have blocked from sending requests for money. This will open a new Interac web page showing your blocked email addresses.
If you no longer have a request email, please visit the Interac website to request instructions on how to access this information.
Can I respond to an Interac e-Transfer text message?
Yes, Interac will accept and reply to two responses: 
  • HELP: A HELP reply to short code 100001 will provide you with the address of the Interac website, and instructions to type the link received in the notification into any browser.
  • STOP: To permanently stop all text message notifications from Interac e-Transfer, reply to any Interac e-Transfer text message with the message STOP (or text STOP to 100001). Once stopped, text message notifications cannot be reinstated. Standard text messaging charges apply when receiving or sending text messages.
Can a request be fulfilled more than once?
No, Interac will not allow the request to be fulfilled more than once. An error message with error code 533 will be displayed if that occurs. However, there may be scenarios where business delegates fulfill the request more than once, resulting in duplicate Fulfill Requests pending a signer’s approval. The duplicate Fulfill Request should be rejected or recalled once the first request is approved.
Will I be debited if I get an error while fulfilling a request?
No, if you have reviewed and confirmed the fulfill request, but received an error message instead of the receipt page, your account will not be debited, and you can fulfill it again from the email notification after the error is corrected.
Can the Request Money feature be used by fraudsters?
Notifications from Interac via text message or email for Send or Request Money transfers could be sent for the purposes of committing fraud. This is called phishing. Since phishing is generally used to gather online banking credentials, we strongly recommend that you only respond to Interac notifications from senders you know.
Interac does provide the legal name of individuals and businesses for Request Money transfers in their notifications, which can help you determine if the notification is legitimate. For most up-to-date information on Interac e-Transfer fraud or scams in the industry, please review the Interac security FAQs.
Does initiating a request require two signatures if the member’s business requires dual signing?
No, only one signer is required to initiate a request, as it eventually results in a credit to the account.
Does fulfilling a request require two signatures if my business has dual signing requirements?
Yes, businesses who require two signers will need two approvers to review and submit the request fulfillment. 

®Interac e-Transfer is a registered trademark of Interac Corp. Used under licence.

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