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Email content

  • Is this email asking you to open a link or an attachment to avoid a negative outcome?
  • Is the email unusual or does it contain spelling, text, and grammatical errors?
  • Does the email come from an incorrect, but similar email address of a close contact, but contains unusual content or lots of errors?
  • Does the request seem peculiar or is the email asking you to open an attachment or to select a link with no reason?
  • Is the email requesting you look at threatening or compromising information of you, or someone you know?
  • Is urgent or threatening language used in the email?
  • Is this an unsolicited email claiming an account closure, money owing, or requiring immediate action?
  • Is the email asking you to share sensitive/personal information?
  • Is there a logo in the email signature? Legitimate businesses often have logos, or a company email signaturee. Unprofessional design in an email signature can include a blurry logo, lack of formatting or no email signature at all. This is a red flag that an email is coming from an illegitimate source.

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