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How to pay a bill in the mobile app

This feature is also available in online banking. See our online banking instructions for more details.​

  1. Sign in to the SCU mobile app.
  2. From the Dashboard, select the Pay bills icon.
    ○ Choose the Make Payments tab for immediate or scheduled bill payments.
    ○ Choose Recurring payments to make payments that can occur daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or yearly. This payment type will require a start and end date.
  3. Under Pay from, select the account to pay your bill from.
  4. Press Add Payment.
  5. Press the drop down arrow next to Pay to, then select a payee from the list.
  6. Enter the payment amount in the space provided. 
  7. Leaving the date as today’s date will make the payment immediate. If you want to schedule a payment for a later date, press the calendar icon and enter a date.
  8. Select Add payment.
  9. Press Add another payment if you wish to set up another immediate or scheduled payment.
  10.  Once you have set up your desired payments, press Continue.
  11. Review your transaction details. If everything is correct, choose Continue
  12.  Once your transaction is completed, you can Share or Favourite the transaction if you wish.

Note: The cut off time to cancel a payment is 10 p.m. Any payments made after 10:20 p.m. will not be processed until a later day.

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