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Spot the scam

Discover more about fraud scams and how to spot and stop fraud before it happens to you.

If you know how to protect yourself, the next step is learning how to spot scams, and that begins by learning about the tactics, how to spot them and how to avoid becoming the latest fraud statistic.

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What to look for

Know what fraud looks and sounds like to help spot it.
  • Email and texts
  • Online 
  • Fraud red flags
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Types and terms

Get to know the types and terms used by the scammers.
  • Canada’s top 10 scams 
  • Fraud: A new vocabulary
  • Why we fall for fraud
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Common scams

Technology has provided a new platform for scammers to operate.
  • Seniors: a target of fraud
  • Identity fraud
  • Social engineering
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Business fraud

Much like individuals, businesses — both big and small — are targets of all kinds of scams.
  • CEO and executive scams
  • Denial of Service
  • Ransomware and extortion 
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Government and law enforcement scams

Many scammers impersonate authority to scare victims into providing information and money.
  • Extortion and phishing
  • Positions of power 
  • CRA and scams 
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Investment and cryptocurrency scams

Any investment that sounds too good to be true — probably is. 
  • New names, same game
  • The rise of cryptocurrency fraud
  • Phishing for investors 
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