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4 simple tips to protect yourself from fraud

The worst frauds are the ones that prey on our emotions and vulnerabilities. You can start by educating yourself and your loved ones with these tips:

  1. Create better passwords and update regularly: Choose a unique password every time, and use short phrases instead of single words.
  2. Don’t click the link: If you receive an email or text message with links, think before you click — even if you know the sender.
  3. Protect your account: Never send or accept money from anyone you don't know or trust.
  4. Report fraud: If you spot a scam or have been scammed, get help by following these three steps:
               ○ File a police report
               ○ Call the Canadian Anti‑Fraud Centre at 1.888.495.8501
               ○ To ensure your online banking accounts haven't been compromised, call SCU at 1.800.728.6440

Visit our fraud prevention centre to learn more about reporting fraud:


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