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5 financial fitness tips to help you save money

Financial fitness is the ability to look after your expenses and work toward your savings goals. There are many ways to financially stay in shape, but here are five tips to get you started.

1. Review your car insurance coverage

Have you started working from home? Or finished a semester of school? If you’re doing less driving, it might be worthwhile to revisit your car insurance instead of paying for coverage that no longer applies to you.

2. Avoid online impulse buys

Buying things on impulse makes it harder for you to reach your savings goals. To avoid buying something you regret, give yourself a cooling off period of three days before making any nonessential purchases.

3. Read through your book collection

Instead of buying another new novel, challenge yourself to only keep a certain number of unread books on your shelf at one time. If you’re looking for something new, many libraries have an online database where you can borrow books online.

4. Take advantage of a free virtual tour

Looking for creative date ideas or something fun to do with the family? Try taking a virtual walk through a museum or art gallery, watching a zoo animal livestream, or exploring a theme park through Google Street View.

5. Learn a new skill

Learning something new doesn’t have to cost money. Whether it’s picking up the guitar again or trying a new workout after the winter, you don’t have to look any further than Google or YouTube for guidance.

See how much more you could be saving by trying out our savings calculator.



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