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Getting your finances back on track

If your finances are feeling a little off-balance these days, here’s a checklist of things you may want to consider to help get your finances back on track.

  • Evaluate your budget. Once you start tracking your expenses, you can find ways to trim your spending and devote some of your income to savings every month.

  • When paying down debt, tackle your high-interest debts first.

  • When deciding between saving up or paying down your debt, try doing both. As you’re paying down high-interest debt, open a high-interest savings account dedicated to an emergency fund and set up an automatic transfer. Even setting aside $25 a week can add up quickly.

  • If you’ve deferred mortgage payments and later find you have extra money, you have the option to pay off your mortgage faster with our pre-payment privileges. This allows to pay an extra 20% of your original mortgage value every year. Or, instead of pre-payment, you may want to consider putting that money into a high-interest savings account.

  • If the cost of your mortgage has become too much for your budget, you might want to talk to a lending specialist about refinancing. You may have the ability to extend your amortization schedule to reduce your monthly payment, or use refinancing to consolidate high-interest debt.​



​Everyone’s situation is different. Call us at 1.800.728.6440 to set up an appointment with a specialist to explore your options.


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