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Look beyond the rates to find your ideal mortgage

Many people focus on getting the lowest rate when looking for a mortgage, but there are other features and advantages to consider that could benefit you financially in the long run.

Mortgage preapproval and interest rate guarantees: preapproval means you can shop with confidence knowing how much you can afford. Our rate guarantee provides peace of mind knowing you can find the perfect home without worrying about changing interest rates.

Mortgage frequency: shave years off your mortgage by choosing a payment frequency that suits your cash flow and budget. Select from monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly payment options including one that coincides with your payroll schedule. Explore the possibilities on how payment frequency can affect your mortgage payoff by using the SCU Mortgage Calculators on our website.

Prepayments: Get ahead when you can by making extra payments on your mortgage that will help you build equity and pay off your mortgage sooner.

Quality advice: consider the reputation of your lender. We’re mortgage experts with over 80 years’ experience providing members with trusted advice and guidance on their journey to save and spend wisely.

Custom mortgages: Whether you want to build, buy, or renovate your home, it starts with a mortgage tailored to fit your needs and lifestyle. At SCU, we provide members with the best options and let them choose.

Contact SCU to set up an appointment with a lending specialist to discuss your mortgage options.

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