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5 simple back-to-school savings tips

As you start back-to-school shopping, there are many ways to save on school supplies. Consider trying some of our favourite strategies to get your kids ready for the new school year without breaking the bank.

Before you head out to shop for new supplies, take stock of what you have left from the previous school year that can be reused.

Watch flyers

Review flyers ahead of time to find the best prices. Some stores will match prices, so have the ads handy when you are shopping to ensure you are getting the best prices without all of the running around.

Buy a year in advance

Take advantage of clearance sales by buying items after school has started. Hold on to these supplies for use throughout the year, and for the next year.

Let your children do the shopping

Consider keeping a school supply bin at home that is stocked with items your children will need to replenish throughout the year. When your children need something, they can simply “shop” from the bin instead of having to make last minute trips to the store.

Check the dollar store

Discount or dollar stores can be a great place to find inexpensive school supplies, so be sure to add them to your shopping trip!


See how much more you can save by allocating these extra savings into an account:

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